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Memo from European Commission regarding Net Neutrality and the regulatory proposal for a Connected Continent.

Brussels, 27 February 2014 1 in 4 European internet users still experience blocking of internet content, study shows. 24% of European internet users say they are prevented by their providers from watching videos, listening music or using other applications of their choice, according to a new Eurobarometer survey of 28,000 citizens across the EU. Blocking still a common practice The survey found that: 41% experience problems watching a video on a mobile device and 37% on the fixed Internet connection at home (due to speed limitations or blocking of content)23% experience problems listening to music on their mobile device,23% experience problems uploading content on Facebook, blogs or forums through their mobile device19% experience problems playing online games at desk computer,9% experience problems using Internet-delivered phone calls Insufficient information on speed The also survey shows that 60% of customers do not know their Internet speed. Of those who know their speed, 26% say tha…

Net Neutrality is alive as it is coming back.

FCC Announces Next Steps on Net Neutrality

Neutrality FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler today announced some initial steps towards revising the Commission’s open Internet (aka net neutrality) protections in light of the setback of last month’s DC Circuit decision. The Chairman opened a new proceeding asking for general public comment, and said that he intends to seek new rules that would be consistent with the DC Circuit’s opinion. He also announced that the FCC won’t appeal the court’s ruling. It is good to see the FCC getting on with this important business. Preserving a neutral and nondiscriminatory Internet is crucial for Internet users and innovators alike, so it can’t be left to chance. Today’s announcement leaves serious open questions, however, about how the FCC intends to approach this issue. The Public Notice says that the new proceeding will “consider the court’s decision and what actions the Commission should take, consistent with our authority under section 706 and all other ava…