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Mostrando entradas de mayo, 2015

Concerns with’s attempt to get everyone in the world online) through an open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg detailing the concerns with (net neutrality violation, fails to protect user security and privacy, and creation of a two-tier system in which only the richest get full access to the open internet)

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,
We, the undersigned, share a common concern about the launch and expansion of Facebook’s platform and its implications for the open Internet around the world. On that open Internet, all content, applications and services are treated equally, without any discrimination. We are especially concerned that access for impoverished people is construed as justification for violations of net neutrality.
It is our belief that Facebook is improperly defining net neutrality in public statements and building a walled garden in which the world's poorest people will only be able to access a limited set of insecure websites and services. Further, we are deeply concerned has been misleadingly marketed as providing access to the full Internet, when in fact it only provides access to a limited number of Internet-connected services that are approved by Facebook and local ISPs. In its present conception, thereby violates the principles …